So much science

  • Pocket thermometer (range: 0°F – 200°F)
  • Measuring cups
  • 150ml graduated cylinder
  • Hydrometer (range: x – x, @ T=60°F)   



Compared against well-known datums.

  • Presentation
  • Sweetness (TBD)
  • Bitterness (TBD)



Measured using lab equipment or from known material properties.  Well-known datums provided for easy comparisons.

  • Material Properties As Available (liquid, % cocoa, sugars)
  • Temperature (°F)
  • Specific Gravity (as compared to water, dimensionless)
  • Viscosity (flow test)


How WE Do The Science

  • Specific Gravity
    • bring hot chocolate to 60°F – pour into graduated cylinder
    • use hydrometer to measure specific gravity (dimensionless)
  • Viscosity
    • in a cylindrical vessel of known height and diameter, allow a measured quantity of liquid to flow between marks of known distance apart
    • measure the time it takes from the measured quantity of liquid to completely flow from the top mark to the bottom mark

Grocery store shelves showing boxes of hot chocolate.